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Puglia is a great vacation spot, with wonderful things to see, beautifully preserved medieval towns, castles and archaeological sites, not to mention particularly friendly people, great food and great wine. There are a great many places of historical and artistic interest and cultural attractions in close proximity of the villa. The Trullove trulli are centrally located in Puglia giving you the opportunity to visit the pretty local towns of the Itria Valley.

Martina Franca

Martina Franca has one of the finest old quarters in Puglia. Baroque balconies decorated with ornate wrought iron look down on narrow alleyways that have hardly changed in centuries. In the second half of July and early August, the town stages the annual Festival della Vale d’Itria – a feast for opera lovers.Martina Franca is a town with a history that makes its wealth and fine architecture something not to be missed. There are many fine shops here that make an early evening ‘passeggiata’ particularly interesting


Ostuni, known as the White City because of the proliferation of white-washed stone buildings, resembles a North-African Arab Medina due to the seemingly chaotic tangle of narrow cobblestone streets. Rising above it all in sombre brown stone is the beautiful 15th century Gothic cathedral.

Ceglie Messapica

Ceglie Messapica can be entered via two doors: Giuso and Monterone. From here, through a sinuous path, one will arrive at the climb up to the “Centro Scaloni,” existing since Messapian times and updated during the Medieval period. It leads to the Castle area. The village centre is dominated by the presence of the Castle, initiated during Norman times (11th Century AD). Ceglie Messapica hasn’t the Disney qualities of a postcard perfect place that has been gussied up for tourists. It is more authentic (meaning there are more locals than tourists) and has more “local” feel than lovely towns like Ostuni and Martina Franca. Local people cherish the character of this medieval town, yet there’s not a mono-economy of tourism. Street architecture, traffic, people and day-to-day life seem a bit contradictory, random, bohemian and somewhat zany. That’s what we like about Ceglie Messapica.


Cisternino is a well kept secret. Think of an Italian hill top town and Cisternino fits that description. Even the Italians think it special and have listed it as One of the Best Small Towns in Italy. ‘Uno dei Borghi più Belli D’Italia’ says the sign outside the town. This is certainly because of the position and the architecture, the food, the people, what’s on all year round and the happy combination of all these. In summer a good idea is to visit it in the evening, as all the shops in the old town are open, lots of people are around and you can sit in the local "piazza" and listen to music.


Locorotondo is quite magical! Locorotondo is just a 15 minute drive from the trullo and the centre is a lovely place for a stroll. It has shiny clean limestone paved streets and flower filled balconies. In my book it would definitely get the prize for the best kept village!


The hub of ceramics production is Grottaglie. In the heart of this characteristic city, behind the medieval castle, lies a centuries-old quarter of ceramicists who developed their trade by following age-old working methods. There are two main products of the Grottaglie figurine tradition: the "Bianchi di Grottaglie" - or "white" artistic production that exalts pure form through the use of white stanniferous glaze with no other decoration and typical of a more elite production, and the more characteristic rustic and popular ceramics flaunting a palette of colours that ranges from green, ochre, blue, and manganese.


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